Wide treatment options for severe asthma


Аvera Allen, Deputy Editor In Chief

Date: 11.03.2021

AstraZeneca and Amgen’s experimental drug reduced asthma attacks in patients with severe and uncontrolled forms of the respiratory condition in a large study, showing promise for wider use against different triggers.

The medicine, tezepelumab, cut the rate of asthma attacks by 56% among patients when compared to placebo in a year-long late-stage study, which had roughly 1,000 patients who were already receiving standard care, the drugmakers said on Friday.

It also worked in a subgroup of volunteers with low levels of eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, detailed data presented at a virtual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology showed.

The drug cut the risk of exacerbations by 70% in patients with more than or equal to 300 eosinophils per microlitre of blood, which is the baseline, by 41% in those with less than 300 cells, and 39% with less than 150 cells.

Eosinophils are associated with swelling and narrowing of airways that could make asthma attacks worse. The respiratory condition can be triggered and turn severe by many factors, including eosinophil count and allergies.


By Аvera Allen | Linkedin

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