Technology Use in Young Children Causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as Young as Five


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Date: 09.08.2018

Our phones, tablets, and computers are one of the biggest parts of our daily lives.

This can cause health issues in many forms - and carpal tunnel syndrome is one that's becoming more common, even in young children.

Emily Medalen spoke with a local expert about how to reverse the damage we cause in our hands and wrists.
Dr. Coty Secble said this is becoming all too common because of the amount of technology we use at work and at home.
She said bad back posture when we are on our devices leads to bad posture everywhere else -
our arms, wrists, and even our fingers... and this can cause carpal tunnel syndrome which can lead to arthritis. 
She's starting to see this in people as young as 5 years old.
She says doing things as simple as stretching every day can make a big difference.
"You know, doing those stretches, understanding the anatomy of this... it all works together. So making sure that you have that elbow as extended as you can, and stretching those wrist extensors, and the wrist flexors," says Dr. Coty Secble, Chiropractor.

She told me that the number one way to prevent it is to sit up straight when you're on your computer, and even your phone.
Another tip is to get a pop socket for the back of your phone - believe it or not, that helps your fingers relax.
And if you're feeling pain at home, she says use lotion and rub all the way from your hands up your arms to loosen your muscles.

"I jokingly say to my students, it's student syndrome. It's horrible posture, it's horrible. Technology is used everywhere. It's used at home, it's used in schools, every kid now is getting a small tablet now, or computer. So I almost look at wrists and elbows - I would easily say - from anywhere between 5 years all the way on up," says Secble.

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