Amwell Psychiatric Care is the future of telepsychiatry


Аvera Allen, Deputy Editor In Chief

Date: 03.03.2021

 Amwell a national telehealth leader, today announced the continued expansion of its platform with the release of the Hospital TV 100. Designed to further expand integrated telehealth connectivity via the Amwell platform, the new Carepoint™ device enables hospitals to turn existing televisions into telehealth endpoints, allowing them to scale and simplify access to their telehealth infrastructure by using devices that already exist in patient rooms.

“We believe telehealth has a powerful role to play in the democratization of healthcare, and in working towards this goal, we are building out our platform to enable the convergence of healthcare experiences across care settings, making it easier for those on the frontlines to see their patients,” said Ido Schoenberg, co-CEO and Chairman, Amwell. “This new Carepoint device demonstrates our mission to connect and enable the key players across the healthcare ecosystem to improve clinical and financial outcomes.  Streamlined, integrated connectivity between patients and informed, trusted providers is central to realizing this goal.”

The Hospital TV 100 brings providers directly into a hospital room. As health systems grapple with strained resources and the COVID-19 pandemic, the new Carepoint device helps providers to safely monitor patients, while hospitals can use their existing in-room TV investments to scale telemedicine across their entire system. Patients also benefit from connecting with entire care teams across a wide range of specialties, without needing to leave their room or have a care team member present to facilitate.

By Аvera Allen | Linkedin


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