Ebola Drug and Vaccine Market Forecast Report Offers Actionable Insights 2016 – 2024


Michael Kelly

Date: 01.09.2017

Ebola has emerged as a major hazard to mankind in recent years. Though the Ebola virus and the disease caused by it have been familiar to science for decades, the risk of a global epidemic has increased massively due to the advances in globalization. The recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has brought the disease in the global spotlight. Ebola starts out as a sore throat, muscle pain, headache, and fever. It is a viral hemorrhagic fever, which means the patient bleeds internally as well as externally. The function of the liver and the kidneys is also hampered significantly by the Ebola virus. The lack of a reliable cure for Ebola is the primary driver for the global Ebola drug and vaccines market, with the need to come up with a solution being among the most urgent and financially among the most lucrative in the world.

The report examines the performance of the global Ebola drug and vaccines marketthrough 2015 to provide a thorough review of the market’s historical performance. The market’s current conditions are presented in the report extensively and accurately. This provides the base for solid forecasts regarding the market’s likely dynamics in the coming years. The report assesses every aspect of the global Ebola drug and vaccines market, including its major segments, key players, and the drivers and restraints affecting the course of the market. The major driver for the global Ebola drug and vaccines market is the lack of a foolproof solution at present. While containment and management protocols for Ebola have been developed, a cure has yet to be discovered. This prime unmet need is driving the global Ebola drug and vaccines market. Due to steady government support to Ebola research, developing Ebola drugs and vaccines has also become commercially lucrative for pharmaceutical companies. This is also expected to be a major driver for the market in the coming years. The unpredictable nature of Ebola has also helped spur research efforts, since the risk posed by a disease increases massively if its etiology and pathophysiology are not known.

An important non-medical factor having an influence on the global Ebola drug and vaccines market is the increasing number of people traveling between countries. In Western Africa, where Ebola is most common, the number of people emigrating to developed countries is quite high. This has increased the risk of an Ebola epidemic in countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. This factor will remain a major driver for the global Ebola drug and vaccines market in the coming years, as it has helped spread awareness about the disease in regions where long-term research into the disease is economically feasible.

North America accounted for the dominant share in the global Ebola drug and vaccines market in 2015. The advanced medical research scenario in the U.S. is the primary reason behind the region’s dominance in the global market. The report also profiles the competitive landscape of the global Ebola drug and vaccines market to help readers formulate winning strategies based on the present market hierarchy. Key Ebola drug and vaccine players profiled in the report include Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, Serepata Therapeutics, Mapp Biopharmaceutical, NewLink Genetics Corp., and BioCryst Pharmaceutical Inc.

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