GRAIL and First Multi-Cancer Early Detection Blood Test


Date: 30.04.2021

GRAIL, Inc., a healthcare company whose mission is to detect cancer early, when it can be cured, today announced a partnership with leading health system Providence to advance the science and delivery of cancer care. Providence, based in Renton, Washington, will be the first health system to offer Galleri, GRAIL’s multi-cancer early detection blood test, as a complement to recommended single cancer screening tests.

The Galleri test initially will be used by Providence at its California, Washington, and Oregon points of care, and could eventually be available across Providence’s entire seven-state footprint that includes more than 50 hospitals and nearly 1,100 health clinics serving 5 million patients.

GRAIL previously announced it expects to introduce Galleri in the second quarter of 2021. The blood test, which will be prescription only, will be available initially through partner health systems, medical practices, and self-insured employers.

An earlier version of Galleri demonstrated the ability to detect more than 50 types of cancers — over 45 of which lack recommended screening tests today — with a low false positive rate of less than 1%. When a cancer signal is detected, Galleri can determine where in the body the cancer is located with high accuracy, all from a single blood draw.

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