Implant for the treatment of brain diseases


Аvera Allen, Deputy Editor In Chief

Date: 14.04.2021

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics, a Graphene Flagship spin-off, has developed an intelligent graphene-based neural implant for personalised neurological therapy in brain disorders.

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics’ work lies at the intersection between MedTech, DeepTech and Digital Health. The company’s objective is to decode brain signals in order to develop medical solutions for patients with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

Currently, brain interfaces are based on metals such as platinum and iridium and can cause significant side effects. Due to this, there is a 50% rejection rate in candidate patients.

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics uses a disruptive technology based on graphene which has the ability to overcome the challenges posed by metal-based neural interfaces.

The company is embarking on a technological transformation of the treatment of neurological diseases. Its brain implantable intelligent systems are based on graphene electrodes, which allow miniaturisation to nanoscale fabrication, with the potential to reach single-neuron resolution.

By Аvera Allen | Linkedin

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