New in breast cancer detection


Date: 09.02.2021

A new blood test is able to monitor the spread of breast cancer in a number of organs and keep tabs on whether treatment is working.

The test, which has been created by scientists in the UK, can observe the growth of multiple tumours throughout the body by tracking the cancer’s molecular clock.

It was developed in the wake of fresh findings from an innovative rapid autopsy study funded by Breast Cancer Now.

Professor Andrea Sottoriva, of the Institute of Cancer Research, said: “Our study sheds light on two of the central challenges in cancer research and treatment — cancer’s lethal ability to adapt and evolve, and its tendency to spread outwards from the initial tumour to other parts of the body.

“The legacy study gave us a unique opportunity to analyse the genetic make-up of breast cancer after it has spread to multiple sites in the body, shedding new light on the course of cancer evolution. We also identified a brand new way of understanding how the tumour grows and evolves, through analysing ‘molecular clock’ signatures from cancer DNA in the blood.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in the UK — with 11,500 women dying from it every year.

Source: Independent

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