Correcting the figure contactlessly with EON FR


Date: 05.03.2021

Board-certified, Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein, MD, FACS, announces the national debut of EON FR (Fat Reduction).  EON FR technology for body contouring is the world's first non-invasive, non-contact body sculpting devise that is FDA cleared for abdominal fat reduction.  EON FR is unique, innovative and 100% safe, effectively delivering laser energy to treat the adipose tissue for fat reduction and body sculpting with no fuss, no pain, no post-treatment massages and no patient down time!

Unlike other non-invasive fat reduction procedures, EON FR takes about 15 minutes and treats 6x more surface area than the market leader. EON FR does not require applicators or gels. Before performing the treatment, Dr. Rubinstein determines the area for body contouring then the EON FR maps the patient's topography. It actually scans and adjusts to the exact shape of the patient's body. The new device uses an articulated robotic arm that delivers laser energy to the targeted area while patient comfort is maintained with a patent-pending cooling system.

Laser energy from EON FR induces apoptosis, a process in which the body naturally eliminates fat cells through its lymphatic system with optimal results seen after just 12 weeks. In a clinical study, all patients received an average fat reduction of 15.1% and over 39% achieved between 20—45% fat reduction in a single treatment. "The is truly 21st century tech. Non-contact, robotics, state of the art cooling, it has everything a patient would want," says Dr Adam Rubinstein.  "EON FR offers a pain-free treatment that is customized to the patient's body and completed comfortably in 15 minutes. This is a huge breakthrough. I'm proud to be among the first to offer this to my patients," he adds.

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