Novartis evolving project AI Nurse in China


Аvera Allen, Deputy Editor In Chief

Date: 23.04.2021

AI Nurse is one of the Novartis global digital ‘bold move’ projects, developed through the strategic partnership of Novartis and Tencent, once of the world’s largest internet companies.

The AI Nurse digital health platform was developed for physicians and patients to better manage heart failure, improve prognosis and reduce hospitalization.

“I don’t think Tencent had ever had to develop so many iterations of a new product before,” said Christian Hein, Novartis Executive Director, Digital Products, “but this digital AI Nurse team has been the perfect example of an agile digital team in action – trying, learning and changing course as needed."

Since official rollout began in July, 300+ China’s leading hospitals in over 100 cities have started to embed the digital solution in standard discharge protocol, with over 25 000 patients recruited. AI Nurse helps patients track their health at home on a daily basis, and interact with their hospital-based HCPs.

By Аvera Allen | Linkedin

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